Saturday, September 5, 2009

whats 'in'for the season- in a snippet.

play it with colours this season-strawberry ice,silver and golds,blues and greens,purples,jolts of red,oranges,pastels and blusher shades like ivory,beige,pink,turquoise,resurgence of dots,strips and shades,laces and embroidery,funky patterns,crazy jewellery,leggings,halters,wide shoulders,off-shoulder tilts and curves ,stoles and scrafs,sparkly paillettes,sweatshirts,tees,clinched waists,today lacy & feminine and tomorrow tailored and serious, all's in this season.
the young india is almost aware of everything going on in the global fashion scenerio.with bangs or curls,emo or punk you can see every thing here.
the youth prefer dressing that suits them and their pocket,things which are comfortable and trendy.
and above all they aren't shy of experimenting with different things like hair-do's,bold make up,swath of colours,mis-match,they survive it all.
straight fit,slim fits,three fouths,leggings,harems,short and sassy skirts,accompanied with kurtis,tees,tops or shirts,these are the wears of the season.
the accessories are over hyped and too 'in' for the season,coloured beads,golden neck pieces,crazy ear-rings,peircings and tatoos,anklets,bracelets,pins and clips,gems and studds,clutches and huge hand bags,nail art and teeth art,nose pins,peirced brows,goth nails or bright nails with yellow,red and greens all work for the youth,anything and everything is worth their money and time if its cool,surely an era of style and confidence.
when it comes to hair,bangs,crazy curls,extensions and spray,serious straights,playfull bounces,hair colours and hair do's.bright red,auburn,silver,copper,thick black are the colours in, instead of traditional blonde and gold.ponytails,tousled waves and sculpted updos,or simply play save by leaving the hair in the air, its all for the hair.
try playfull and colourfull stuff for footwear.gone are the days of dull browns and plain blacks,boots,canvores,high-heels,or simple chappals play it for you,and yea,,,the funcky,delicate anklets add to the beauty of your feet.
mrs michelle obama hyped the power belt trend this year and its still been dawned by plenty of us.but be carefull of the right belt at the right place.
with all this the make up has to be right with the exact amount of shimmer and glitter.nothing too much nothing too less is what applies with the make up.enhanced bold brows,peach makeup with minimal colour and blush,bright lips,be it pink,purple,crimson or tomato these are the shades for the lips so go try!!they not only look great but also illuminates the complexion.lots of kohl and liner,masacara and fake lashes... shuffle along...
for parties its our beloved small black dress and the perfect pair of stilletoes,the right diamonds,hazzel free hair,accompanied with a clutch.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

its alll in the mind....

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

long distance ...CRAP!!!!

A friend comes up smiling & blushin to me...and I give her that "whats wrong with you look?"...then she starts off....that a guy proposed to her(im the least bothered person on the earth to know that sweetie)i give her a far streched smile.(indirectly wanting her to stop)but the too much in lovvvvee gal goes on...she puts it this way.

she: you know wat...he finally proposed to me...
me:oh who?(praying not the guy whom i liked ;0)
she:then she goes that guy on orkut.........
me:*sigh* ohh great,,u knew him..i dnt know that??
she:no he was an online friend(now turned darling??)..
now i say..people breathe it..
you dnt knw who's he is? as in i knw 45% of people all over the world are online daters...but give it some space...
well,,what i wanna say is...that you dnt knw the guy...may b he's lieing ,,,if u date some one jus looking at his location on social networks whats the proof he belongs to that place??
and people who have their boyfriends n girlfriends n fiances abroad or where ever far from your eyes.."hats off to you guys"...i mean you people have a whole lot of "trust" thing in you.
well...the reall reason for blogging such a topic is..that this long distance thing doesnt fit my brain..i mean whats the concept???You love someone and he/she is far from you..may be dating someone else or may be something else//
i know most of you must be thinking that i really dnt know whats love n trust the back of every mind there is suspicion...which kills the relation no matter how strong it is...
well..all the best to people who are into it...n request to them who are thinking of getting into it..i mean a long distance realtion(crap)...
it hurts...